How to sushi

We used to shy away from sushi as we thought raw fish was the only option! Turns out there are endless alternatives for us who are not so excited about raw seafood. This might not be the tried and true method for sushi, but for us beginners, it’s baby steps… more»

Warming up with this signature cocktail

As of late, we have been enjoying one or two glasses of this smooth and spicy cocktail. Traditionally thought of as a summer drink, we were served this at a recent gathering and it seemed to hit the spot on a cool fall evening… more»

Our top purchases

Admitting we have a shopping problem would be a touch excessive, but we can’t hide from the fact that we enjoy pretty things. Some of our favourites include true investment pieces which when you consider the cost per use, makes it worth every penny. We are excited to share our top purchases of the year with you… more»

Reading list

Whether it’s to inform, inspire or just to escape – we love a good read. Now that summer is coming to an end, it seems we have more time to relax and catch up on our daily reads… more»

Leyda’s Café

Leyda’s Café is Saskatoon’s first whole food, gluten and nut free eatery. The gluten free trend has recently been taking over the world by people who have dietary restrictions, but also by people who are attempting to live a healthier life… more»

Travel with blondewalk: Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun aka Phoenix is named after the 325+ days of sunshine each year. The weather alone convinces many Canadians to visit the State or even purchase a second home there. In saying that, Phoenix can experience some pretty hot (sometimes unbearable) days during the summer… more»

The ultimate (stylish) Europe packing guide

Whether you’re planning to spend two weeks in the south of France, a long weekend in London, or several months traveling around Europe, you’ll be glad you came across this ultimate clothing packing guide. One thing we all know about Europe: the weather is continually changing… more»

blondewalk birthday giveaway

blondewalk turned one this month, and we couldn’t be more grateful for our devoted readers, friends and family who have supported us along with way. You have truly encouraged us and inspired us in ways you will never know. To show our appreciation, we are throwing a H&B giveaway.. more»

Era girl survival guide

There is nothing quite as satisfying as when a product far exceeds your expectations. From Moët to St. Tropez: find out seven of the most coveted products that the era girls cannot live without… more»

Boy nursery – Sweet Paul

Hannah, one of the co-founders of blondewalk, was 99% sure she was decorating a little girl’s nursery in the months leading up to baby Paul being born. Much to her surprise and delight, having a boy forced her to switch gears in the direction of the nursery… more»