Summer 2017!

We love making a to-do list, at the start of each season, of the things we want to do before the season ends. This summer, we want to make sure we take time to enjoy the season and ALL it has to offer and also ensure we are focusing on a healthy mind, body and life…more»

Tomato, tomahto

This caprese tart recipe, adapted from one we discovered in a Sweet Paul magazine, we will be repeat all summer long… more»

How to sushi

We used to shy away from sushi as we thought raw fish was the only option! Turns out there are endless alternatives for us who are not so excited about raw seafood. This might not be the tried and true method for sushi, but for us beginners, it’s baby steps… more»

Reading list

Whether it’s to inform, inspire or just to escape – we love a good read. Now that summer is coming to an end, it seems we have more time to relax and catch up on our daily reads… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Cherry

There is something about sour cherry pie that screams old-fashioned. Although we love eating fresh sour cherries from our neighbor’s backyard tree, we had yet to try them within a flakey, buttery piecrust. Just another reason we are grateful this challenge – it encourages us to step outside our comfort zone… more»

Lake life

Some of our most loved memories are from time spent at the cabin. There is something incredibly calming about watching the water ripple and the sunrise/set right before our eyes. For us, the lake has always been a place where we indulge in amazing good and wine (and a whole lot of ice cream)… more»

Mimosa bar

Mimosas are the perfect go-to drink to serve at summer celebrations. Colourful and tasty, they easily cater to all your guests. Setting up an interactive drink station allows for your guests to serve themselves and mingle with friends while you focus on other aspects of the party… more»

Brunch with CTV Morning Live

What an honour it was to host a brunch for CTV earlier this month. We took this opportunity to give their viewers a few tips on getting your backyard ready for an outdoor gathering. Below is a simple guide and recap of our interview… more»

G & T bar

A celebration isn’t complete without a signature cocktail… or three. To properly celebrate the Fathers in our lives, we are hosting a gin and tonic bar comprising of three different takes on this classic drink… more»

Create, gather and share

We need no excuse to enjoy a flaky and rich homemade pie, but in celebration of a birthday, it’s never been more inviting. Pie is a notable classic that can humbly complete any gathering… more»