Eating seasonally – through pie: Summary

Last year we introduced our first reoccurring series: eating seasonally-through pie. A challenge, based on the Modern Farmer Pie Chart, where we baked a new pie each month, focusing on in-season ingredients. Although we come from a family of pie makers, we only had a few staple recipes in our back pockets… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Sweet potato

Watch out, pumpkin! Sweet potato pie is here. We never would have guessed this pie could surpass the excellence of pumpkin, but it just might have. While a little more labour than pumpkin, we promise – it’s worth it… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Pumpkin

Oh how we look forward to the colder months when it means we can devour in the comfort of pumpkin pie. Creamy and light texture, rich yet somewhat spicy flavour (from the cloves) – what’s not to love? more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Apple

Nothing says autumn like an apple pie. All summer long, we fill our ovens with various fruit pies and we have to say, we are more than excited for the outdoor temperatures to drop to enjoy a warm apple dessert. more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Cherry

There is something about sour cherry pie that screams old-fashioned. Although we love eating fresh sour cherries from our neighbor’s backyard tree, we had yet to try them within a flakey, buttery piecrust. Just another reason we are grateful this challenge – it encourages us to step outside our comfort zone… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Peach

Come summer, peaches are at their peak. Easy to find at the farmer’s market, and their flavor is unmistakable. Similarly to chess and apricot, this was our first time making and tasting peach pie. Considering this, we opted to test out a recipe from Epicurious, and it was a success… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Blueberry

Blueberry pie is one of our all time favourites, and we can always look forward to Grandma Verna making this pie several times throughout the summer. This pie screams summer, and was perfect for a Canada day celebration… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Apricot

The sweet and distinct flavour of apricots makes this pie ideal for the summer months. We opted for a coconut crumble topping to compliment the tartness of the fruit. Although the juices from the apricots leave this pie very moist, we recommend serving with whipped cream or ice cream… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Strawberry rhubarb

With May among us, we are taking advantage of the garden-fresh rhubarb arriving at the farmer’s market. Rhubarb is theoretically a vegetable, but when combined with sweet strawberries, it resembles a tart fruit… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Chess

Similar to pecan, chess pie is a southern specialty that we were thrilled to experiment with this month! Having never made a chess pie before, we were up for the challenge. Recipes vary, but the basic filling often contains eggs, sugar, butter and vinegar… more»