blondewalk event styling

Life always calls for a celebration. Whether it’s a baby shower, backyard gathering, birthday party or wedding; blondwalk can assist with any type of event. We are available at any step in the planning process from creating a vision through to executing it… more»

Mimosa bar

Mimosas are the perfect go-to drink to serve at summer celebrations. Colourful and tasty, they easily cater to all your guests. Setting up an interactive drink station allows for your guests to serve themselves and mingle with friends while you focus on other aspects of the party… more»

Brunch with CTV Morning Live

What an honour it was to host a brunch for CTV earlier this month. We took this opportunity to give their viewers a few tips on getting your backyard ready for an outdoor gathering. Below is a simple guide and recap of our interview… more»

Il mercato di palmer

For Palmer’s third birthday, we decided to create a backyard Italian market for her close friends and family to enjoy. Il mercato di palmer, meaning “the market of palmer”, was the ideal theme that wholly demonstrates this little girl’s appreciation for fresh air, garden-fresh produce, and pretty flowers… more»

Party portion guide

The era and blondewalk girls love to host parties. Whether it’s a shopping or birthday party, shower or girl’s night in; food and refreshments are always at the top of our to-do list. One question that often comes to mind is how much to serve… more»

Once upon a time

Any opportunity to gather with family and friends, create a beautiful atmosphere and share with others makes us happy. Princess Palmer is soon turning three years old. Whilst brainstorming new ideas for her celebration, we wanted to reminisce and share some of our favorite moments from her very first birthday… more»

Ready, set, wrap

Great friends, cocktails and pretty boxes are easily three of our favourite things in relation to the Christmas season. Wrapping presents is something that we look forward to all year long! This year we decided to turn our love of wrapping presents into a festive girly get together. We are thankful that our friends also appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift… more»

Party dressing perfected

We had the pleasure of planning and hosting a baby shower for the lovely Julie Andreas, co-owner of era style loft. Here are some of our favourite looks from the day, featuring the era girls who each added a sense of their fabulous style to a wonderful day… more»

Give thanks

Canadian Thanksgiving is one of the most enjoyable national holidays. The focus is on family, friendship and a dynamite meal. No fussing about gifts, just being THANKFUL. The holiday derives from ancient festivities in Europe that celebrated the gift of the harvest and enough food to survive the winter… more»

Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is when families come together to share traditions in the spirit of gratitude. One of the best traditions is gathering at the table for outstanding food made with love. Our favourite dish? Sweet Potato Casserole… more»