Father’s day gift guide

On this Father’s Day, we know all the dads will be looking forward to gathering around the grill with family and enjoying a memorable summer meal while sipping a G&T or two… more»

blondewalk executive picks from Hillberg & Berk

A local gem, Rachel Mielke, has created an empire with her jewelry line, Hillberg & Berk. Fostering the greatness of women and beautiful artisan pieces, Miekle has made a small business a huge success… more»

Chasing the sweet things in life

Since baby Paul was born, we have referred to him as Sweet Paul. Ever wonder why? Allow us to explain. When Anthropolgie started carrying the Norwegian Blogger, Paul Lowe’s “Sweet Paul” magazines and cookbook, we were immediately hooked… more»

Baby shower giveaway

To celebrate the birth of blondewalk’s newest member, Sweet Paul (Hannah’s precious little son), we are hosting a giveaway for our readers & followers. We have teamed up with some incredible ladies that are not only heart-warming people. Here is a list of giveaway items and the people behind these great products… more»

Ready, set, wrap

Great friends, cocktails and pretty boxes are easily three of our favourite things in relation to the Christmas season. Wrapping presents is something that we look forward to all year long! This year we decided to turn our love of wrapping presents into a festive girly get together. We are thankful that our friends also appreciate a beautifully wrapped gift… more»

Homemade gift giving: cinnamon honey butter

Here at blondewalk we appreciate the talent of turning culinary art into practical homemade gifts. Making cinnamon honey butter is one of our holiday traditions which has evolved into one of our most desired gift to give…more»

The local gift (better) guide

‘Tis the season to give, and we encourage you to give well. This Christmas we have taken note of the incredible local shops here in Saskatoon and provided you with a (better) gift guide that is guaranteed to impress your loved ones…more»