Give thanks

Canadian Thanksgiving is one of the most enjoyable national holidays. The focus is on family, friendship and a dynamite meal. No fussing about gifts, just being THANKFUL. The holiday derives from ancient festivities in Europe that celebrated the gift of the harvest and enough food to survive the winter… more»

Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is when families come together to share traditions in the spirit of gratitude. One of the best traditions is gathering at the table for outstanding food made with love. Our favourite dish? Sweet Potato Casserole… more»

A birthday fondue

Holding a birthday celebration should be fun and most notably, the food should be delectable. For the next festivity, invite your friends or family over for an interactive fondue party. It gives your party a great atmosphere and having your guests participate in the cooking makes it easy on the host… more»

Create, gather and share

We need no excuse to enjoy a flaky and rich homemade pie, but in celebration of a birthday, it’s never been more inviting. Pie is a notable classic that can humbly complete any gathering… more»