The art of pairing wine and food

Former era girl, Paige Rennie, was born into a family of wine connoisseurs. Whilst working at Truvé Wines, Calgary’s most luxury wine store, she has enrolled in the sommelier course. In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving, we asked Rennie to provide us with some crowd-pleasing wine pairings to complement any feast… more»

Celebrating harvest

Harvest marks the end of a growing cycle and is a seasonal celebration of hard work. As it comes to an end this year, it is timed perfectly with the celebration of Canadian Thanksgiving, which is a special time to give thanks for the good in our lives and to the many farmers who have harvested the crops… more»

The ultimate kale-broccoli salad

Looking for a mouth-watering end of summer salad? We’ve got you covered. It seems that kale has taken over lately, and we love this fresh new take on the sometimes-boring kale salad. One of our sisters, who is spending the summer in France shared this recipe with blondewalk, and we are so thankful she did… more»

Leyda’s Café

Leyda’s Café is Saskatoon’s first whole food, gluten and nut free eatery. The gluten free trend has recently been taking over the world by people who have dietary restrictions, but also by people who are attempting to live a healthier life… more»

blondewalk event styling

Life always calls for a celebration. Whether it’s a baby shower, backyard gathering, birthday party or wedding; blondwalk can assist with any type of event. We are available at any step in the planning process from creating a vision through to executing it… more»

Sweet Paul Christening

Sweet Paul was christened in cottage country a few weeks ago. After a wonderful ceremony, close family was invited back to our cottage to relish in good eats. The highlights of the meal included homemade buns and an array of Norwegian specialties… more»

Mimosa bar

Mimosas are the perfect go-to drink to serve at summer celebrations. Colourful and tasty, they easily cater to all your guests. Setting up an interactive drink station allows for your guests to serve themselves and mingle with friends while you focus on other aspects of the party… more»

Brunch with CTV Morning Live

What an honour it was to host a brunch for CTV earlier this month. We took this opportunity to give their viewers a few tips on getting your backyard ready for an outdoor gathering. Below is a simple guide and recap of our interview… more»

Il mercato di palmer

For Palmer’s third birthday, we decided to create a backyard Italian market for her close friends and family to enjoy. Il mercato di palmer, meaning “the market of palmer”, was the ideal theme that wholly demonstrates this little girl’s appreciation for fresh air, garden-fresh produce, and pretty flowers… more»

Chasing the sweet things in life

Since baby Paul was born, we have referred to him as Sweet Paul. Ever wonder why? Allow us to explain. When Anthropolgie started carrying the Norwegian Blogger, Paul Lowe’s “Sweet Paul” magazines and cookbook, we were immediately hooked… more»