G & T bar

A celebration isn’t complete without a signature cocktail… or three. To properly celebrate the Fathers in our lives, we are hosting a gin and tonic bar comprising of three different takes on this classic drink… more»

Il mercato di palmer

For Palmer’s third birthday, we decided to create a backyard Italian market for her close friends and family to enjoy. Il mercato di palmer, meaning “the market of palmer”, was the ideal theme that wholly demonstrates this little girl’s appreciation for fresh air, garden-fresh produce, and pretty flowers… more»

Chasing the sweet things in life

Since baby Paul was born, we have referred to him as Sweet Paul. Ever wonder why? Allow us to explain. When Anthropolgie started carrying the Norwegian Blogger, Paul Lowe’s “Sweet Paul” magazines and cookbook, we were immediately hooked… more»

Easter scavenger hunt

We have always loved Easter for the spiritual significance, fabulous food and family time. We plan to decorate Easter eggs and sugar cookies this weekend, but we have also prepared an innovative Easter egg scavenger hunt for the kids… more»

Once upon a time

Any opportunity to gather with family and friends, create a beautiful atmosphere and share with others makes us happy. Princess Palmer is soon turning three years old. Whilst brainstorming new ideas for her celebration, we wanted to reminisce and share some of our favorite moments from her very first birthday… more»

Holiday traditions: Norwegian krumkake

Traditions centered around the kitchen are often the most enjoyable. This year we decided to start a holiday tradition of learning recipes passed down from our ancestors; from one set of experienced hands to another. On the weekend we received a master class in creating Krumkake, a beautiful Norwegian waffle pastry from our dearest Grandmother… more»

Første snøen

You may be shocked to hear that we look forward to the first snowfall of the year. It is actually a well celebrated day in our family that has evolved into our own long standing Norwegian tradition. But don’t get us wrong, we were incredibly thankful that the snow did not grace us with its presence until November this year… more»

Baby shower gifts

Deciding what to buy that new mama for the baby shower can sometimes be overwhelming. There is an incredible selection of products available and it can be tough to determine what they actually need and use… more»

Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving is when families come together to share traditions in the spirit of gratitude. One of the best traditions is gathering at the table for outstanding food made with love. Our favourite dish? Sweet Potato Casserole… more»