How to sushi

We used to shy away from sushi as we thought raw fish was the only option! Turns out there are endless alternatives for us who are not so excited about raw seafood. This might not be the tried and true method for sushi, but for us beginners, it’s baby steps… more»

Warming up with this signature cocktail

As of late, we have been enjoying one or two glasses of this smooth and spicy cocktail. Traditionally thought of as a summer drink, we were served this at a recent gathering and it seemed to hit the spot on a cool fall evening… more»

Pumpkin painting party

Nothing says Halloween like bright orange pumpkins (or white if we have anything to say about it). This year we are trading in our carving tools for paint. This incredibly simple, colorful and child-friendly activity is certain to get your little’s into the Halloween spirit… more»

The art of pairing wine and food

Former era girl, Paige Rennie, was born into a family of wine connoisseurs. Whilst working at Truvé Wines, Calgary’s most luxury wine store, she has enrolled in the sommelier course. In the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving, we asked Rennie to provide us with some crowd-pleasing wine pairings to complement any feast… more»

The ultimate (stylish) Europe packing guide

Whether you’re planning to spend two weeks in the south of France, a long weekend in London, or several months traveling around Europe, you’ll be glad you came across this ultimate clothing packing guide. One thing we all know about Europe: the weather is continually changing… more»

Mimosa bar

Mimosas are the perfect go-to drink to serve at summer celebrations. Colourful and tasty, they easily cater to all your guests. Setting up an interactive drink station allows for your guests to serve themselves and mingle with friends while you focus on other aspects of the party… more»

Era girl survival guide

There is nothing quite as satisfying as when a product far exceeds your expectations. From Moët to St. Tropez: find out seven of the most coveted products that the era girls cannot live without… more»

Street feast

Originating in Los Angeles, food trucks are becoming a staple in every major city across the world, including Saskatoon. Although we have yet to hit up all of the trucks, the ones we have sampled do not disappoint… more»

G & T bar

A celebration isn’t complete without a signature cocktail… or three. To properly celebrate the Fathers in our lives, we are hosting a gin and tonic bar comprising of three different takes on this classic drink… more»

Perfecting your home brew

We have teamed up with the walk-in coffee and tea storefront, Ambassador Coffee Boutique, to provide you with an insider’s guide to making the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. One of our favourite items they provide is their local and incredibly fresh roasted coffee beans. Read more»