Top 3 coffee shops in YXE

In the past few years coffee shops have become more prevalent and sophisticated, using freshly roasted coffee beans and offering specialty drinks that (most) people cannot easily make at home. There is no question that coffee brings people together and going for coffee has evolved into a regular outing to do with friends and family…more»

Perfecting your home brew

We have teamed up with the walk-in coffee and tea storefront, Ambassador Coffee Boutique, to provide you with an insider’s guide to making the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home. One of our favourite items they provide is their local and incredibly fresh roasted coffee beans. Read more»

Intelligentsia Coffee: From Abbot Kinney to 20th St

Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California is host to countless coffee shops, one-of-a-kind clothing stores and restaurants. Its trendy and bohemian vibe gives a new sense to the idea of going local. Intelligentsia Coffee lives in Venice. Perhaps you’re wondering why we are featuring coffee found miles away in California. Guess what? You can find Intelligentsia coffee here in Saskatoon… more»

Underground Café

We all have our go-to places that we frequent on a regular basis. To get our weekday coffee fix, we love a great Starbucks. But a real treat is when we can enjoy a latte at one of the many independent coffee shops in the city over the weekend… more»

The kinship of coffee

Coffee brings people together. Whether it’s a morning ritual with your better half, reuniting with an old friend or co-workers in the latte line, it is no secret that coffee helps form and sustain relationships…»