Il mercato di palmer

For Palmer’s third birthday, we decided to create a backyard Italian market for her close friends and family to enjoy. Il mercato di palmer, meaning “the market of palmer”, was the ideal theme that wholly demonstrates this little girl’s appreciation for fresh air, garden-fresh produce, and pretty flowers… more»

Breakfast in bed

On our birthdays, we are traditionalists; the birthday boy/girl wakes up to a leisurely breakfast in bed. We indulge ourselves in comforting food, opening presents and relaxing whilst enjoying premium coffee and conversation… more»

The golden life

Julie and Lauren (the wonderful owners of era) always go out of their way to make era birthday celebrations extravagant; the best food, champagne and of course, fabulous outfits. We jumped at the opportunity to return the favour when it came to celebrating a few era birthdays earlier this week… more»

Once upon a time

Any opportunity to gather with family and friends, create a beautiful atmosphere and share with others makes us happy. Princess Palmer is soon turning three years old. Whilst brainstorming new ideas for her celebration, we wanted to reminisce and share some of our favorite moments from her very first birthday… more»

A birthday fondue

Holding a birthday celebration should be fun and most notably, the food should be delectable. For the next festivity, invite your friends or family over for an interactive fondue party. It gives your party a great atmosphere and having your guests participate in the cooking makes it easy on the host… more»

Create, gather and share

We need no excuse to enjoy a flaky and rich homemade pie, but in celebration of a birthday, it’s never been more inviting. Pie is a notable classic that can humbly complete any gathering… more»

Cake in a jar

Feature post on: Café Society by era. A cake… been there! Cupcakes…done that! Cake in a jar? Yes please!! For a second birthday celebration, we wanted to think of a creative idea that would easily feed numerous people… more»

Birthdays are golden

Everything we need to know, we have learned from The Little Golden Book; blondewalk’s humorous guide to life. One of our countless favorite lessons is to ‘’go ahead and make a big deal out of your birthday’’… more»