Surviving prairie winters

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Winters in Saskatchewan are scenic and beautiful, but they also can be frigid and seem to last forever. Needless to say, the severe weather takes a toll on our bodies. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Saje Natural Wellness to promote health and wellbeing this season.

Below are six products to help you (and your bodies) survive the chilly temperatures this winter season.

#1 Lip service

There is nothing worse than having cracked, dry lips in the cold winter months. And this trio of lip balms is our go-to choice (all year round) to keep us hydrated for hours. Scents ranging from mint to coco, you’re bound to find something on your wish list. Kiss those chapped lips goodbye!

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#2 High five

Like our lips, hands are often dry and greatly affected by the change in temperatures. The high five kit is a three part system, which produces results above and beyond that of standalone lotion. The best part? The Relax-O-Ring which is highly beneficial towards your immune system, organ functions and rebalancing your body’s energy flow.

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#3 AromaGem

This product can be found in our homes all year round, but with the new diffuser scents released for Christmas, we’re especially excited to fill our homes with this stylish diffuser this holiday season. Primarily used to purify the air and reduce dust (which helps with allergies), it also is used to integrate essential oils into your home. Our favourite scents range from peppermint, yoga and the festive tree scent.

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#4 Pocket pharmacy

Cold weather leads to cold and flu season. This kit is essential everyday use for limiting the major symptoms caused by a cold or flu. It includes five therapeutic remedy roll-ons: Peppermint Halo (for headaches), Stress Release, Pain Release, Immune, and Eater’s Digest (to ease digestion).

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#5 Shut eye kit

Many factors are considered when it comes to getting a good nights rest in the winter. A good pillow, room temperature, and cozy pajamas – all contribute to the perfect sleeping formula. For us, this shuteye combo is our go-to ritual in hopes of getting some actual “shuteye”.

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#6 Healthy hardware necklace

It has never been more convenient (and stylish) to incorporate essential oils into your life. With limited sunlight and cold weather, it is easy to get discouraged in the winter months. Saje essential oils (in particular YOGA) targets just that, which is an uplifting blend of citrus.

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