Rosé all day

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

If there is one thing we enjoy most, its social gatherings. We absolutely love hosting brunches, dinners and parties for families and friends. We recently co-hosted a birthday party for era style loft, with the theme revolving around the phrase “rosé all day”. We wanted to share five simple tips on putting together a memorable tablescape for your next event.

1. Make a budget

Before starting the planning process, it’s essential to have a budget. We suggest starting with the most important element of the party, which is most often the food and refreshments.

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

2. Decide on a theme

Every gathering might not have an obvious theme, but even deciding on a colour scheme that goes with the occasion and season will assist with coordinating details.

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

3. Find focal point

The focal point can be simple, but needs to grab the attention of the guests. In this case, our focal point was the cake with bunting banner.

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

4. Add colour

Even if you aren’t a fan of colour, it’s important to add some sort of colour to create interest. This could be in the form of greenery, flowers or even the food and refreshments being offered.

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

5. Create layers

It is best to keep the table from looking flat by added multiple heights. We often resort to utilizing cake stands, pretty trays and word boards.

Tablescape 101 - blondewalk

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