Have baby | will travel

Travelling with newborns or small babies doesn’t have to be stressful – especially if you have one (or all) of the items listed below! We have put together a few essentials we have found helpful over the years whilst traveling with babies under one year.

Baby travel - blondewalk

1 | Travel crib

2 | Solly wrap

3 | iPad

4 | Pump

If you’re breastfeeding (especially in the early months) we don’t suggest going anywhere without this. Always found it handy to bring a bottle on the plane, especially as you can bring as much milk as you want for babies.

5 | Carters white onesies

6 | Love Child organic fruit/veggie purees

We love these organic packets for travelling – babies closer to one can eat straight from the pouch which is super handy.

7 | ERGO carrier

8 | Car seat transporter

Most car rental companies have car seats to rent, so we try to refrain from the hassle of bringing our own. If we aren’t renting a car and have to bring the car seat, this transporter is a lifesaver!

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