The best of Europe: part 3 – Italy

When we think of Italy, we think of the classic historic structures, the colourful coastlines, and the delicious cuisine. With every city in Italy having its own distinctive features, we found there is something for everyone… more»

The best of Europe: part 2 – Paris

No other city is quite like Paris. Often known for its romance, fashion, pastries and of course, light. We have gathered our top of five moments from our trip to the city of lights… more»

The best of Europe: part 1 – England

Whether it’s catching a football match in England, sipping champagne under the Eiffel Tower, or cruising the Mediterranean on a luxurious vessel – we have gathered our favourite moments from our month long journey across the pond. First up, England – home of the Queen, David Beckham and bangers n mash… more»

Travel with blondewalk: Phoenix

The Valley of the Sun aka Phoenix is named after the 325+ days of sunshine each year. The weather alone convinces many Canadians to visit the State or even purchase a second home there. In saying that, Phoenix can experience some pretty hot (sometimes unbearable) days during the summer… more»

Travel with blondewalk: Las Vegas

We tend to visit the entertainment capital of the world yearly for its unparalleled energy, nightlife, shopping and shows. With 40 million visitors per year, we find people-watching is an activity in itself… more»

Travel with blondewalk – Palm Springs

Being in such close proximity to major cities such as LA and Phoenix, Palm Springs tends to be a desert resort location we visit a few times a year. Why do we love it so much? It is the ideal relaxing holiday and we aren’t forced to travel outside North America… more»

Consignment finds: Los Angeles

Consignment shopping is becoming more and more trendy (not to mention ‘green’ and economical) and Los Angeles is definitely the place to begin. Crossroads and Wasteland are among our favourite shops. They have various locations across LA and we rarely leave without a great find… more»

Travel with blondewalk: Los Angeles

The City of Angels is one of the greatest cities in the world. We are here to give you an insider’s guide to this fabulous city. Not a touristy guide, but what we consider some of the best-kept secrets with regards to restaurants, shopping and where to visit… more»

Travel with blondewalk: San Diego (and area)

Needless to say the Golden State is one of our favourites and likely one of the most frequently travelled places in the world. We like to think of it as our home away from home as we travel here often. The beach is close, shopping is unparalleled and most importantly, the food is impeccable… »

Travel with blondewalk: Magic Kingdom

There are many activities to take in and places to explore while in Orlando including all six theme parks and water parks at Walt Disney World. We only had a few days in Orlando, but we knew we had to go to the Magic Kingdom; after all it’s where dreams come true… more»