A birthday fondue

Holding a birthday celebration should be fun and most notably, the food should be delectable. For the next festivity, invite your friends or family over for an interactive fondue party. It gives your party a great atmosphere and having your guests participate in the cooking makes it easy on the host… more»

Engagement party essentials

Planning an engagement party? Do you need help finding the perfect themed décor to complete the ambience? You’ve come to the right place!
Engagement parties are great opportunities for family and friends from both sides of the family to finally meet… more»

Create, gather and share

We need no excuse to enjoy a flaky and rich homemade pie, but in celebration of a birthday, it’s never been more inviting. Pie is a notable classic that can humbly complete any gathering… more»

Birthdays are golden

Everything we need to know, we have learned from The Little Golden Book; blondewalk’s humorous guide to life. One of our countless favorite lessons is to ‘’go ahead and make a big deal out of your birthday’’… more»

blondewalk wedding: How to

… J.Crew! We love celebrations and believe there is no better social gathering than a wedding. With show stopping music and stunning bridal party attire, this elegant yet rustic J.Crew wedding is sure to make your heart sing… more»

Backyard summer soirée

Living in Saskatchewan we all know warm weather is an oddity, so with sunshine on the horizon there is nothing better than having your besties over for a night of quality food and friendly banter… more»

Hello world!

Hello world! We are so thankful you found us. blondewalk empire is a lifestyle blog based upon our reignited passions. The vital ingredients: social gatherings, the art of good eating and world watching… more»