Parisian palmiers

One of the most desired French delicacies are the buttery, flakey puff pastry treats, palmiers. Layers of sugarcoated, rich pastry with a caramelized finish, makes them a lovely addition to an afternoon tea or gathering with friends… more»

Ladies who lunch

Feature post on: Café Society by era. When deciding on a lunch destination for the blondewalk girls, only one restaurant truly comes to mind. Christie’s Il Secondo never lets us down… more»

She dreams in French

Feature post on: Café Society by era. As Saskatoon continues to grow, many notable patisseries/cafés are opening and serving authentic and sophisticated pastries. Read about our favourite croissants in Saskatoon, complete with their prices and descriptions… more»

Cake in a jar

Feature post on: Café Society by era. A cake… been there! Cupcakes…done that! Cake in a jar? Yes please!! For a second birthday celebration, we wanted to think of a creative idea that would easily feed numerous people… more»

The art of the braid

Our talented stylist, Kassy from Capelli Salon Studio, approached us to be hair models on Global Morning News for her Saskatoon Style segment: The Art of the Braid. The focus was how to incorporate braiding trends into your everyday life… more»

A morning at the market

Feature post on: Café Society by era. As lovers of the outdoors and fresh produce, the farmers market is our frequent one stop shop. Bright and colorful fruits and vegetables are easily available and boy, are they ever delicious… more»

Your best bubbly + elderflower = summer #inabag

Feature post on: Café Society by era. Women love summer, and even more, we love to socialize. There is nothing better than getting together with the ladies and enjoying the refreshing taste of Europe, using our favorite elderflower cordial… more»

Hello world!

Hello world! We are so thankful you found us. blondewalk empire is a lifestyle blog based upon our reignited passions. The vital ingredients: social gatherings, the art of good eating and world watching… more»