The only bread recipe you’ll ever need

There is nothing better than the aroma of freshly baked bread, especially on a frigid winter day. The task of baking bread from scratch can sound daunting, but this recipe is tried and true and is the only one you will ever need… more»

Holiday traditions: Norwegian lefse

Making lefse during the holidays is a Scandinavian tradition we have done since we were babies. This year, there were four generations in the kitchen rolling lefse dough – what a gift… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Sweet potato

Watch out, pumpkin! Sweet potato pie is here. We never would have guessed this pie could surpass the excellence of pumpkin, but it just might have. While a little more labour than pumpkin, we promise – it’s worth it… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Pumpkin

Oh how we look forward to the colder months when it means we can devour in the comfort of pumpkin pie. Creamy and light texture, rich yet somewhat spicy flavour (from the cloves) – what’s not to love? more»

You say tomato

Having an abundance of garden tomatoes is a good problem to have, and was certainly the case for us this year. We are always looking for unique and effortless ways to consume the rest of our tomatoes, and were pleasantly surprised when we came across this tart! more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Apple

Nothing says autumn like an apple pie. All summer long, we fill our ovens with various fruit pies and we have to say, we are more than excited for the outdoor temperatures to drop to enjoy a warm apple dessert. more»

In the kitchen with: Brita

Oh how we love when our sister comes home from traveling the world, or living in sunny Los Angeles, and shares her love for food with us. We are so excited to be featuring Brita in this kitchen series, focusing on one of her many specialties, croissants… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Cherry

There is something about sour cherry pie that screams old-fashioned. Although we love eating fresh sour cherries from our neighbor’s backyard tree, we had yet to try them within a flakey, buttery piecrust. Just another reason we are grateful this challenge – it encourages us to step outside our comfort zone… more»

The ultimate kale-broccoli salad

Looking for a mouth-watering end of summer salad? We’ve got you covered. It seems that kale has taken over lately, and we love this fresh new take on the sometimes-boring kale salad. One of our sisters, who is spending the summer in France shared this recipe with blondewalk, and we are so thankful she did… more»

Eating seasonally – through pie: Peach

Come summer, peaches are at their peak. Easy to find at the farmer’s market, and their flavor is unmistakable. Similarly to chess and apricot, this was our first time making and tasting peach pie. Considering this, we opted to test out a recipe from Epicurious, and it was a success… more»