Eating seasonally – through pie: Chocolate mousse

February is the month of love. Therefore it seems highly appropriate that our second pie of the series is none other than chocolate pie. Maybe this is why they say chocolate is “in-season” this month? We aren’t sure, but who’s complaining? more»

Eating seasonally – through pie

We are thrilled to introduce our first reoccurring series for blondewalk: eating seasonally – through pie. Essentially we will bake one pie every month that highlights in-season ingredients. This challenge will force us to expand our horizons and learn 12 different varieties of pies throughout the year… more»

Holiday traditions: Norwegian krumkake

Traditions centered around the kitchen are often the most enjoyable. This year we decided to start a holiday tradition of learning recipes passed down from our ancestors; from one set of experienced hands to another. On the weekend we received a master class in creating Krumkake, a beautiful Norwegian waffle pastry from our dearest Grandmother… more»

Monogram hot chocolate

One of the simplest joys throughout the winter months is warming up with a decadent cup of hot chocolate. We’re obsessed with lifelong crafter, Jodi Levine and her new book which is where we found an idea to make the hot cocoa experience even more magical… more»