Brunch with CTV Morning Live


What an honour it was to host a brunch for CTV earlier this month. We took this opportunity to give their viewers a few tips on getting your backyard ready for an outdoor gathering. Below is a simple guide and recap of our interview. To watch the full interview – see below.


  • Cut your lawn
    – It seems obvious, but can easily be forgotten. And the smell of freshly cut grass doesn’t hurt either.
  • Utilize the potted flowers in your yard
    – Bring them a bit closer to the table to create a beautiful environment for our guests to dine.


  • Opt for greenery (vines) instead of freshly cut flowers for the table
    – Cost effective, can be reused for weeks depending on the type of vine you purchase.
  • Seating arrangements
    – This can make your guests feel like you’ve gone the extra mile and thought about where they’d like to sit.
    – Use a macaron with a toothpick to display the name – doubles as dessert and name holders.


  • Pick food options that can be prepared advance
  • Consider setting up an interactive drink station
    – Mimosa bar allows your guests to serve themselves as you prepare for the meal.
  • Have a backup plan in case of sudden showers


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CTV Morning Live Saskatoon – full interview:

Thank you to CTV Morning Live Saskatoon for this great opportunity!

Stay tuned for our Mimosa Bar on Café Society by era.

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Interview: CTV Morning Live Saskatoon | Photos: blondewalk