Backyard summer soirée

Living in Saskatchewan we all know warm weather is an oddity, so with sunshine on the horizon there is nothing better than having your besties over for a night of quality food and friendly banter.

We are so excited to share with you our exclusive ingredients for creating the ideal backyard summer soirée.

Backyard Summer Soirée - The Ingredients

  • A backyard is the perfect venue for a summer dinner party, as it is both intimate and cost effective. So cut the grass, trim that hedge and your yard will be in ship-shape before you know it.
  • As you can probably tell, we are drawn to whites! We wanted the focus to be on the feast, therefore white was obvious choice for our tablescape.
  • Forget the expensive flowers and opt for some simple vines. A local florist provided us with trailing greenery to give the evening an organic feel.

Backyard Summer Soirée - table

Backyard Summer Soirée - decor

Backyard Summer Soirée - wine

Backyard Summer Soirée - The Menu

Our local Farmer’s Market was the perfect one-stop-shop for the essentials of the meal. Our go to Chef (aka our foodie sister) wanted to keep the ingredients fresh and simple, not overwhelming to the palate.

As our friends in Italy say, Fiori Di Zucca (zucchini blossoms) is the perfect appetizer; salty, crunchy and completely addictive.

Backyard Summer Soirée - Fiori Di Zucca

Backyard Summer Soirée - Fiori Di Zucca

The golden beet salad is another preferred summery starter. It is vibrant in colour (making it the simplest item on the menu to photograph!) and the nutty flavour of the beets pairs perfectly with the goat cheese and walnuts that garnish the dish.

Backyard Summer Soirée - Golden Beet Salad

The maple dijon glazed salmon filets were placed over a bed of creamy herbed risotto. Our mouths are watering just writing about this! The light and flakiness of the salmon paired perfectly with the smooth richness of the risotto.

Backyard Summer Soirée - Maple glazed salmon

We finished off the evening with a delectable favourite from Northern Italy, Panna cotta. It is a dinner party favorite. Why? It is prepared in advance leaving you ample time to focus on the main course. Topped with a fresh raspberry coulis, this stunning dessert will have your guests begging for seconds….. or even thirds.

Backyard Summer Soirée - Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis

Backyard Summer Soirée - Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis

Now, don’t let us keep you. Round up your family and friends and start planning (that’s the fun part). Your summer soirée will be ready in no time. Cheers!

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